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Soon my private homepage.


As of April 1st, 2018, my consulting services are discontinued.

 If you have any questions or demands, please send an email.

Thank you very much for your cooperation during the past 16 years.

You may follow me on my LinkedIn profile, at  

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With 25+ years as General Manager and COO/CTO at a multi-national media manufacturing enterprise, as Managing Director for a Security Software company in Russia, as General Manager in Beijing for the China subsidiary of an Austrian based refrigeration and solar tec company, and as R&D consultant and project manager for a leading logistics and distribution company, I share my multi-cultural and multi-discipline expertise to help on developing or improving innovative industrial and software processes and technologies.

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Private & Fun:  For my "good friends", about my traveling, diving, biking, cooking, pictures, and more.

Life is not "business only", and "the world is not just a disk". - Therefore the GEPA site also will keep all my personal friends and comrades informed about my private interests and my hobbies, like traveling, off road motor biking, scuba diving, Asian culture,Thai cooking, and more.

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